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Bay Leaf

| November 26, 2015
bay leaf

Bay leaves are used as a digestive aid and for headache, including migraine. Because of the way it help digestion, it can lower blood sugar levels. Bay leaf (from a laurel tree) has a rich flavor and is frequently added to stews and soups. The leaves are removed before serving as it’s not practical to […]

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| November 23, 2015

Elecampane is an excellent expectorant, that is, it helps you expel mucous congestion. Thus it’s good in any condition such as bronchitis, asthma, and the common cold. It also has a mildly sedative action and is anti-bacterial. The parts used are the root or rhizome and the flower.

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| November 22, 2015

Native aborigines in Australia used eucalyptus leaf infusions for a variety of ailments, including sinus congestion, cold, and fever. In the 19th-century, eucalyptus oil was used in English hospitals to clean and sterilize.Other medicinal systems, such as Ayurvedic, Greek, and Chinese have provisions for eucalyptus as well. In this country, eucalyptus is frequently combined with […]

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| November 18, 2015

Asafetida’s medicinal uses include the treatment of influenza, is beneficial in fighting the swine flu and H1N1 virus, is used to treat asthma and bronchitis, and is effective is treating colds and flu in children. In addition, it can also be used for reducing chronic bronchitis and whooping cough. Asafoetida is also good for stopping […]

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Jade Plant

| November 16, 2015
jade plant

To treat warts with Jade plant, slice a leaf in half lengthwise and put wet side on the wart. Secure with a band aid and leave in place a day. Replace it for two more days. The wart should dry up and fall off. The plant is also used as a treatment for nausea, and […]

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Amla – Indian Gooseberry – Amalaki

| November 16, 2015

Indian Gooseberry or amla benefits the circulatory system. It purifies blood, detoxifies the body, and strengthens the immune system. Moreover, amla improves the functioning of the liver and pancreas resulting in a soothing effect for your whole body and mind. Every part of this plant has medicinal qualities. It is considered good for skin and […]

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| November 13, 2015

According to Phyllis Balch in her book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing,” annatto contains amino acids, calcium, iron and phosphorus, as well as vitamins B-2 and B-3. Annatto also contains beta-carotene and vitamin C, which are both potent antioxidants that help to prevent damage to your cells and DNA. The bright, deep orange seeds are a […]

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| November 13, 2015

Beer probably isn’t your idea of a health food, but read on. Moderate beer consumption, one to two beers daily, can provide heart protection specifically by increasing good HDL cholesterol and lowering the bad LDL cholesterol. Moderation is the key. Heavy drinking doesn’t confer that protection and increases the risk of other, greater health problems.

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| November 10, 2015

Skullcap is a Native American plant used widely by the Indians, then the Colonists when they arrived. It is a strong nervine, that is, a sedative for the nerves. It is used to treat everything from ADD to hysteria, and even epilepsy. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic which help make it a total nerve […]

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Self Heal – All Heal – Woundwort

| November 3, 2015

Self heal has been a favorite remedy in many parts of the world for centuries. It was given almost magical properties to cure anything. Was this just hype? No. This plant is antibacterial and is high in antioxidants. Even a weak tea of self heal has a powerful antibiotic effect and the ointment is used […]

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