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heartAngina is heart pain caused by reduced oxygen to the heart muscle.  Working, or jogging, or any kind of exercise increases the need for oxygen in the heart thus this kind of activity can trigger an angina attack.  Angina feels like pressure on the heart and can be very intense.  Why you have reduced oxygen in your heart is for you and your doctor to find out.  It could be blocked arteries, blood platelet disorder, or some other reason.  You and I don’t know, so let your doctor find out for you.  In the meantime, there are two natural supplements that can help you.  One is COQ10 whose main benefit is that it oxygenates every muscle in your body; your heart is one of your larger muscles.  You’ll notice its benefits if your angina is reduced, you’ll also notice that your skin is rosier especially in your face.  More oxygen rich blood equals rosier skin.  The other beneficial supplement is L-Arginine an amino acid that plays an important role in relaxing your arteries and veins, thus increasing blood flow.  But don’t forget to see your doctor.

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