Black Walnut Hull

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black walnutBlack Walnut Hull has anti-fungal properties and is effective against thrush, Candida, jock itch, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, dandruff, ringworm and parasites. High in manganese, this herb has a very mild laxative action, much like a stool softener, and has blood cleansing properties. The hulls are also effective against internal worms and other body parasites.   A classic herbal parasite cleanse uses green black walnut hulls.  The picture shows walnuts with green hulls.  As the nuts ripen, the hull turns black and the nut drops from the tree–with the hull still on.  You will learn where black walnut stain comes from as you peel the hulls.  You might wear gloves.  The nuts are delicious and unique with a strong, distinct flavor.  Cracking them is a challenge and is best done with a vice.  It’s still a challenge to get the nut meat out but well worth it.  All in all, a very productive tree with value in the nut, the hull, the stain, and, of course, the prized wood.

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