Cayenne Pepper

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cayenneCayenne Pepper, or any hot red chile, has many benefits including pain relief, specifically for shingles, diabetic foot and leg pain, and cluster headaches. You’ve also seen topical creams with cayenne using the term Capsicum – the botanical name of the plant. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in Cayenne. Cayenne can kill diarrhea causing bacteria and is a good reason hot climates usually have hot cuisine (chile hot, that is). Poor or no refrigeration in hot climates can cause meat and other foods to spoil quickly but the hot spices usually take care of any problem. Cayenne is very warming and increases your circulation. If you have poor circulation, if you work in a cold environment, if your hands and feet tend to get numb or cold, cayenne may help you. Cayenne also has been shown to reduce cholesterol. If you take cayenne, take it with food and don’t take it before you lie down. Can you take cayenne? If you like hot foods anyway, you can tolerate cayenne.  If you find chiles irritating, there is a cool cayenne you can use.

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