Corn Silk

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corn silkCorn silk is used traditionally as a diuretic and, oddly enough, our customers tell us it effectively helps with an overactive bladder.  It is good for the entire urinary tract.  Corn is native to the Americas and it is believed historically to have been bred (hybridized) until the corn got larger and larger and provided enough food to sustain a population.  It is the food foundation upon which many of the great American cultures were built.  Corn is actually a grass, not a seed plant like wheat,  and every part of the plant was used.    The plant was cut and stored for animal feed (silage), the corn provided food for people, the husk was used to make tamales and dolls, the silk was dried and saved as a useful herbal, and the cob…well it became the corncob pipe.  That is utilization.

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