Cranberry Fruit

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cranberryCranberry Fruit capsules are excellent for treating bladder infections because it creates an environment where bacteria cannot flourish. If you are dealing with a bladder infection, cranberry will be one of the foods/herbs you will want to use. Cranberry capsules are a good way to get unsweetened, whole cranberry. Your usual sweetened cranberry juice may aggravate a bladder condition since sugar is like fuel for the bacteria. Do you have a leaky bladder? A kidney or bladder infection can cause a leaky bladder because your bladder doesn’t want to hold infectious material. If you sneeze, you splatter. You can have this type infection without any obvious symptoms, such as pain when urinating.  What symptoms do you have? Sore lower back, urine with an odor, dark urine, very cloudy urine, puffy under-eyes, especially when getting up in the morning, and overall fatigue. There are actually 2 types cranberries; one a bush and one growing in bogs, water filled areas created to grow cranberries.  The berry we enjoy at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the water grown berry.

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