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dandelionDandelion Root is another herb you’ll find growing in your lawn if you have a natural yard – that is don’t use chemicals. It has wonderful properties and appears at the right time in early spring to be useful as a spring tonic. Dandelion acts as a natural diuretic helping you to  expel toxic waste and to stimulate the production of bile, useful in fat digestion.  If you want to use the dandelion in your yard, pick the tender greens during the cool spring or fall months and add them to a fresh salad or to other greens you are cooking.  You can also dig the root, wash it, chop it, dry it, even roast it and use it to make your own dandelion tea.  The dandelion flowers are used to make dandelion wine.  This plant is not your enemy but a valuable friend.  You can also use our dandelion root capsules as they are an excellent natural diuretic that is also high in potassium. A diuretic will relieve your body of toxic fluid so this herb is useful for water retention and high blood pressure. Dandelion seems to help prevent gallstones since it stimulates the production of bile and is a general tissue and blood cleanser. If you have a chronic condition, dandelion is a useful supplement in your overall healing program.

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