Echinacea Root

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EchinaceaEchinacea is a natural herbal antibiotic and anti-fungal remedy. It exhibits a broad spectrum of antibiotic properties effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa (protozoa is an organism that can cause diarrhea and dysentery). It is a blood cleanser and immune stimulant. If you are sick with cold, flu, bronchitis or whatever is going around, you will find Echinacea a wonderful herb. People ask if taking Echinacea long term can reduce its effectiveness such as can happen with prescription antibiotics, and the answer is “no”. Echinacea doesn’t actually “kill” the germs, it increases your own body’s ability to produce white blood cells and “T” cells which fight infections.  The product we are recommending is a combination of two kinds of echinacea.  You might have this lovely plant in  your garden already and it’s a perennial garden nursery favorite; purple coneflower.

Echinacea Tea Organic Alvita Tea 24 Bag
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