Eyebright Herb

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eyebrightEyebright acts like a tonic for the eyes. It not only has healing properties, such as for conjunctivitis and sties, but also has preventative qualities with problems such as cataracts or glaucoma. Eyebright has antibacterial and astringent action and its effect on the eye/head area means that this herb also has some benefits for relieving sinus and head cold problems. It may be hard to believe that this herb can relieve eye infections, but it does and quickly. Your eyesight and vision will improve with eyebright.  It comes as a capsule or tea; in a pinch, the tea bag can be soaked in hot water and held on your eye letting some of the liquid go into your eye.  You will feel like your eyes got a wash and a lube. Eyebright grows to a height of 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) and has small white or purple flowers with red spots. These petals resemble bloodshot eyes, suggesting the plant’s name and its eye-clearing action. Downy hairs cover the stems, which produce toothed leaves.

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