Fennel Seed

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fennel seedFennel Seed is a mildly licorice flavored herb that has estrogenic properties and may ease the discomfort associated with menopause, the most prominent of which may be hot flashes. With its estrogenic properties, it will help relieve PMS and may help promote regularity where menstrual periods are erratic. Fennel is also a good digestive aid and can help relieve gas so, if you eat a bowl of beans and think you’re going to pay for it, take 2 fennel seed capsules for relief.  Fennel is also the secret ingredient in many Italian sauces and sausages and, in fact, is used throughout the world as a kitchen seasoning.  It is a perennial and easily grown in your garden.  150 years ago when Sunday church services lasted all day, fennel seed was chewed to ease hunger pangs.  A relative of sweet fennel is grown for its bulb like base and is cooked as a vegetable.

Swanson Fennel 480 mg 100 Caps
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