Low Thyroid – Goiter – Hypothyroidism

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goiterGOITER:  Goiter is the enlargement of the thyroid gland, which sits on each side of your throat.  In most cases, it is caused by a lack of iodine.  The thyroid needs iodine to function and our nutrient poor food doesn’t supply iodine.  When the thyroid doesn’t get enough iodine, it swells.  You’ll realize what a chronic condition this is if you look at the people around you.  A large, fat neck is a low functioning thyroid.  How do you tell a well functioning thyroid?  Well, it’s easiest to see on men.  If you see a man’s Adam’s apple, his thyroid is just fine.

Many people have had a blood test to check their thyroid function and are told they’re in the normal range.  Yet their necks tell a different story as does their lack of energy, cold hands and feet, and dry skin and hair and other symptoms.  For a long time, the standard test for thyroid was body temperature.  It’s still a good test and it’s free.  If your temperature is below normal (normal is 98.6 degrees), you thyroid is low.  If your temperature is above normal, your thyroid is high.

If you find your thyroid is low, you can provide the nutrient it needs to function normally with Kelp Capsules.  Kelp, which is seaweed, is an iodine rich mineral.  You may also take a liquid supplement such as Heritage’s Atomidine.  I prefer kelp because of the other minerals available in the seaweed.

Our world gets more complicated, I’m afraid.  Just taking an iodine supplement isn’t going to rescue you because we use two chemicals on a daily basis which bind with iodine in our bodies and prevent us from using it.  In addition to taking your iodine supplement, avoid chlorine and fluoride.  Both may be in your drinking water so drink bottled or filtered water.  You also absorb chlorine (and possibly fluoride) in your bath and shower.   You can get chlorine filters for shower or bathtub.  If you use chlorine bleach in your dishwater, wear gloves.  You absorb a lot through your skin.  If you don’t want to “eat” it, don’t touch it with your bare hands.  Fluoride, of course, is also found in many types of toothpaste and, of course at the dentists office.  You really don’t need this industrial toxin applied to your teeth. Just say no.

You’re taking kelp, you’ve changed toothpaste, you use bottled water all the time, and you already had a shower filter.  In about a week, you’ll notice more stamina.  In about a month, you’ll find your neck is a lot slimmer.  As the weeks go on, you’ll think you’re superwoman or superman.

Goiter can be caused by an overactive thyroid.  With this condition, your body is running at top speed all the time.   You’ll have heart palpitations, feel hot and sweaty, and your emotions will be on a roller coaster.  Take your body temperature as described above.  If you have an overactive thyroid, look at the excellent suggestions for curing this problem in the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing under the heading hyperthyroidism.  Some of the physical symptoms of an overactive thyroid are bulging eyes and the face taking on a rounded, moon look.  The medical solution to this problem is to kill your thyroid and let you regulate thyroid function outside your body by taking medicine the rest of your life.  It doesn’t work well so try to fix what you have.

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