Parasite Cleanse – Microbe Flush

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Microbe Flush is one of the best parasite cleanses we’ve used because it can kill everything from worms to candida to amoeba. We don’t like to think about the parasites that live inside of us, but we do have a few passengers. It’s not a matter of cleanliness, it’s a matter of breathing and eating. We absorb parasites from the air, from what we eat and what we touch. If you have pets, you probably have a few more parasites than most. Probably one of the most prevalent parasites that most people have is yeast or candida. The yeast is there and if your body is run down with antibiotics or illness, the yeast multiplies. Add a likeness for sweets and you’ve just put gas on the fire.

NaturalCare Microbe-Flush, 8-Ounce
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