Super Beta Prostate

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As Seen on TV. Super Beta Prostate formula is for prostate health in men and helps to support a healthy urinary flow with mixed plant sterols, including Beta-Sitosterol in concentrated form. You would have to take 100 Saw Palmetto capsules to equal the concentrated effect of 1 Super Beta Prostate caplet.

Purchase a single bottle of 60 caplets through Amazon and you don’t have to be locked into automatic monthly delivery with the free trial offer on TV.

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Advanced Prostate Protection
Prost-P10x® was personally developed by Dr. Geo Espinosa N.D, Director of the Integrative Urology Center at NYU Langone Medical Center and former director of clinical trials at the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University. Prost-P10x is based on Dr. Geo’s personal experience in his practice as to what works and what doesn’t especially in cases of managing the health of patients with BPH (enlarged prostate) or prostatitis.

Prost-P10x contains over 3320 mg + 1000 IU of the exact active ingredients that have been shown to be successful in restoring prostate health in the clinical trials and research studies. The level of ingredients needed to restore and maintain prostate health cannot be obtained in a single pill which is why Prost-P10x contains 30 individual packets of 6 capsules containing therapeutic dosages of 12 natural ingredients. Cheaper prostate supplements generally contain one active ingredient such as beta-sitosterol or non-therapeutic levels of a “proprietary blend” that fails to disclose the ingredient levels.

Prost-P10x® is The Strongest Natural Prostate Health Supplement Available without a Prescription.


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