Alzheimer’s Disease

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brain foodAlzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disorder with memory and brain function becoming worse and worse.  This condition (formerly known as dementia), robs a person of their personality and this affects not only them, but also those loved ones around them.  At the first suspicion of Alzheimer’s, it’s time to make some changes.  Why change?  Because what you have been doing so far may have contributed to getting Alzheimer’s.  You may not have enough memory left to put together changes for yourself but if you’re the loved one caring for someone, you do it.  Don’t wait for a doctor to tell you your Mom has Alzheimer’s.  You’ll already be suspicious because she just told you something for the third time in five minutes and is about to tell you the same thing again and doesn’t remember she just told you.

The things you can control are nutrition from food and supplementation.  High nutritional status equals high brain function and it has been proven that many people with Alzheimer’s have low nutritional values.  The reasons could be varied.  As we age, we don’t eat as much; we’re not hungry; we have digestive problems which prevent absorption of nutrients; we don’t feel like cooking; our false teeth hurt so it’s painful to eat.  The reasons can be numerous and varied.  The super nutritious foods to stress are leafy greens and brightly colored fruits and vegetables and easy to digest protein such as fish and chicken.  I love salad-and have false teeth.  Salad is actually hard for me to eat because lettuce takes a lot of chewing and I have to chew everything finely before I can swallow it.  I put my salad in the food processor and chop it before trying to eat it; it’s actually delicious and I’m able to eat a big salad this way.  This idea might help someone you’re caring for.  I usually make enough for several days and this is what I typically put in mine:  Start with cucumber, onion, celery and chop finely.  Add the juice from half a lemon, salt and a pinch of garlic powder, and chopped up green leaf lettuce; process until finely chopped.  Balance the salt and lemon for a taste that you like.

High antioxidants help get rid of the “debris” Alzheimer’s creates in the body.  Your basic antioxidants are vitamins A, C and E.  A good multivitamin will  have all these.  An excellent supplement for reduced mental function is Brain Food.  This supplement has all the right ingredients for Alzheimer’s including Ginkgo and the little known Huperzine A, an extract of moss, and phosphatidylserine that help to stop deteriorating brain function.

Lastly, this may not apply to everyone, but stopping dairy (milk products, not eggs) was a dramatic turnaround for both me and my son where brain function was concerned.  At one time, my memory was so bad I knew I was getting Alzheimer’s.  Of course I didn’t worry about it for long, because I couldn’t remember I was worried.  I didn’t stop dairy for myself, I stopped it for my son.  I knew I couldn’t have dairy in the house for me and expect him not to get into it; it doesn’t work that way.  I got rid of everything and since I cooked all our meals, could control what was in the food.  Within one week of stopping dairy, I knew my memory was better.  My son was also better.  Oh yes.  Guess what we do to older people.  We feed them macaroni and cheese (easy to eat) and give them a bowl of ice cream every night.  They do it in rest homes, too.

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