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barleyAnemia is a condition where the blood has a low quantity of red blood cells or low iron in red blood cells.  Since red blood cells deliver oxygen to every part of the body and pick up carbon dioxide, lack of red blood cells can leave you feeling tired and washed out.  Nutrient deficiency (iron, B12, or folic acid) may be the cause as may illness, medication, internal bleeding, excessive bleeding during menstruation, and loss of blood from injury.  If you are a vegetarian, you are missing out on the best source of iron and B12, namely red meat and liver.  You may want to supplement these items.

Natural sources of iron include red meat and liver, dried fruits, dried beans, dark green leafy vegetables, sardines (with skin and bones), green peas, whole grains in breads and cereals, strawberries, eggs, tomato juice, Brussels sprouts, winter squash including pumpkin, blackberries, nuts, canned salmon (with skin and bones) and broccoli.

Here’s an old fashioned remedy that quickly builds red blood cells.  I’ve tried it; it works and the results were confirmed in a hospital setting.  It’s barley water and easy to make.  Here’s the recipe.

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