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sultanaDo you really want an antioxidant?  Well, yes.  It’s a good idea.  Here’s how it works.  The living cells in your body are doing their job and while they are working, they are giving off waste material that your body must shed.  Antioxidants help to get rid of this material.  If you don’t get rid of it, it builds up to enough concentration that you finally notice it as joint pain or brown spots or sore muscles.  It only gets worse (and more painful) from there.  It’s not just the natural function of your body that builds up toxic mater, it’s what you breathe, what you eat, and what you put on your skin that your body absorbs.  You’re consuming a lot of harmful chemicals in these very ordinary ways.  Today it takes a lot of effort to keep your body functioning well and pain free so antioxidant supplements are a real necessity.  Here are some antioxidants to think about:

Alpha Lipoic Acid is at the top of the list because it is the only antioxidant that is fat and water soluble so it goes anywhere in your body.

Grape Seed Extract is another excellent antioxidant

Resveratrol is a whole grape and wine antioxidant.

Pycnogenol is a pine bark antioxidant

There are many other fine antioxidants but these are at the top of my list.  They are all plant/food based so that should tell you the natural source of antioxidants is in food, especially fruits such as seeded grapes, blackberries, blueberries and red raspberries.  It’s hard to find seeded grapes in the stores but seeded raisins are called sultanas.

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