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anxietyAnxiety can be anything from being uneasy to actual fear, though there is nothing concrete to fear.  Stress can bring anxiety with it but this can be a healthy response to stress.  When anxiety doesn’t go away, this can bring on physical symptoms and these seem to reinforce the anxiety.  For example, heart palpitations and sweating seem to confirm the idea that something is physically wrong when in fact the anxiety brought on these symptoms.  It is a cycle that keeps reinforcing itself.  Intervention, help from an outside source, may be necessary.  Professional counseling and even anxiety drugs may be needed to break this cycle.  Don’t be embarrassed about seeking help; you’re fighting a battle against anxiety and a therapist may have the weapons and experience you need.

There are some things you should know about anxiety.  Caffeine can bring on anxiety; we’re talking about coffee, tea, chocolate, colas and other soft drinks with added caffeine; energy drinks usually have high amounts of caffeine and some herbs, such as guarana, kola nut, and yerba mate, are high in caffeine.  This is actually a large list so one or more of these may be in your diet.  If you like cold fizzy drinks, make a strong infusion of tea, sweeten it to taste with honey, and dilute it with club soda.  I suggest honey because sugar can also heighten anxiety.  So, watch your sweets, don’t eat them.

Lack of certain nutrients can also trigger anxiety.  Three in particular are important:  B Vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.  If you’re not supplementing with these, you may want to try them. There is a homeopathic spray for anxiety that can be taken along with medications.

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