Arthritis and Joint Pain

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arthritisARTHRITIS:  For most of us, the pain of arthritis is actually your body flushing toxins.  As toxins build up, our body continually tries to get rid of them.  The toxins are flushed through the joints.  It might be fingers, elbows, knees,  hips or any joint in the body.  These toxins are irritating, so your joints get sore and swollen.  Your body’s response to this is to try to “cover” the irritation with minerals, especially calcium—frequently borrowed from your bones.  This mineral build-up is the crackling you hear when you bend a knee or elbow.

Since many forms of arthritis are the result of a toxic buildup, you need to cleanse the toxins from your body to get rid of the arthritis.  Does this approach work?  Well, yes it does.  I’m describing what happened to me starting from a point where I was in chronic pain and so crippled I could barely walk to the point of now, where I have no pain, no creaky joints and can not only walk, but run if I want to; also, I’m on no medications.  Some good things to look forward to are that there were herbs and other natural remedies that helped ease the pain and suffering along the way to becoming totally pain free.

Devil’s Claw  and Yucca, help the body dissolve the mineral buildup in the joints.   The toxins that are coming out of your joints are traveling through your blood stream.  Your liver, which filters toxins, gets so overloaded that it can no longer filter out the bad stuff.  It not only comes out your joints, but also starts showing up as brown spots on your skin—what used to be called liver spots.

Natural blood cleansers are Red Clover and Burdock Root; these can be taken daily.   Bromelain, a natural digestive enzyme from pineapple stems, also helps with the pain from arthritis.  If your arthritis also includes wear and tear on cartilage at the joints, Glucosamine will be an important supplement as it helps to repair cartilage.

When and how do you take all these herbs?  Well, everyone is different but I always like to start at the bottom.  That is, if a recommended amount is 1 to 6 daily, I start with 1 or 2.  The key to cleansing is to establish a program that you follow daily.  This takes discipline and a commitment on your part to help yourself feel better.

Stop polluting your body.  The next thing you need to look at is what you are doing that has made your body toxic.  If you don’t stop the pollution, you will never get ahead of the toxins.  For most people, toxins are absorbed through food and the environment.  That covers just about everything, doesn’t it?  Where do you start?

I used the herbs and other natural remedies to stop the pain from my arthritis.  But I had to use them all the time.    I realized I had to change everything I was doing or I would never get ahead of the aches and pains and be truly pain free.  I started with my diet.   Trial and error led me to eliminate dairy, red meat, pork, and some other foods from my diet.  Finally, I was really pain free and had no arthritis symptoms.  Years later, the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” came out and I realized I had eliminated those foods that were like poison to my blood type A.  I adopted the book as my guideline on what to eat.  Since you may be a different blood type, what worked for me diet-wise, may not work for you.  I strongly suggest you read “Eat Right 4 Your Type.”

I also tackled the “environment.”  I’m not talking about smog; I’m talking about the chemicals we use daily, including those in our food.  I started making all my food from scratch so I could avoid preservatives, artificial flavorings, and artificial colors, anything that didn’t belong in food.  Gradually, I switched to organic ingredients.  My food was now chemical free.  I eliminated lotions, shampoos, hand soaps, laundry detergents, dish detergents and anything else I could think of that were either chemicals themselves (such as laundry detergent), or contained powerful chemical preservatives, such as the parabens found in most lotions.  I had to quit using cologne since most are chemicals, not made from natural ingredients.  I struggled to find toothpaste that didn’t have parabens as a preservative.  I quit dying my hair (whew—talk about chemical).  I even found that I had to quit wearing certain colors in clothing because the dyes gave off toxins—for me it was blue, a favorite color.  I found as I cleansed that if I was going to have a reaction to something, it would occur quickly.  My body was in better shape and better able to yell at me when I did something wrong.

Did I give up more than I wanted to?  Yes!  But I got addicted to feeling good so the giving up part became easier and easier.

Here’s an old proverb I like.  “If you don’t change the direction you’re going, you’re liable to end up where you’re headed.”  So if you’re in pain and don’t like it, it might be time to change direction.

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