Tea Tree Oil & Athlete’s Foot

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tea treeAthlete’s foot is more than just annoying.  It can be itchy, painful, and make stinky feet.  It is characterized by peeling skin, especially between the toes; there may be blisters and it can spread to other parts of the feet.  It is a fungus and is contagious so have mercy on your housemates and be careful not to spread it.  It thrives in moisture so the obvious thing here is to dry your feet and toes well after bathing.  White cotton socks are the most absorbent for moisture so wear them, even if they don’t go with your business suit.  Buddy Holly became famous even though he wore white cotton socks with his suits.   There are some good herbals for athlete’s foot.Tea tree oil and black walnut hull capsule are two of them.  Rub the tea tree oil on the athlete’s foot twice daily, if you can, but especially after bathing and drying your feet.  If the blisters are too painful, dilute a drop or 2 of tea tree oil in a little olive oil and use that.  Take black walnut hull capsule, one daily.  This condition might be a sign of overall fungal overgrowth so using a probiotic with this regimen is advisable.  Be patient, it’s a difficult condition to conquer, especially if you have signs of fungus elsewhere (nail fungus, coated tongue, jock itch).  On a nutritional note, fungus loves sugar so if you’re a sweet eater, stop.  Don’t cut back, stop!

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