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Our food is iodine poor and without iodine, our thyroids don’t function well.  Low thyroid has a host of symptoms such as goiter (enlargement around the neck), dry hair and skin, cold hands and feet, hormone imbalance, and even emotional swings.  Low dietary iodine is such a problem that salt was “iodized” years ago to help.  There is not enough iodine in salt to solve the problem so an iodine supplement makes sense.  My favorite iodine supplement is kelp but for those who want something easier there is Atomidine.  One drop a day in water is all you need.  This iodine serves another function, too.  Your thyroid will store some iodine; your blood circulates through your thyroid about every 20 minutes; iodine kills germs.  A drop a day might keep the doctor away.  A few years ago the Japanese tsunami made people aware that a nuclear leak could end up in this country.  Iodine supplements were sold out quickly because iodine protects the thyroid from destruction by radioactive iodine.  Potassium iodide is the iodine of choice for this as the thyroid favors this type.

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