Back Pain – Backache

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yuccaBACK PAIN:  If you’ve had a back injury and are in chronic pain, Yucca Stalk or Devils Claw Tuber Capsules may help bring relief as their action in anti-inflammatory and they help your body dissolve mineral buildups.  Sore muscles from overuse or strain will benefit from BF&C Ointment, and old time remedy.  BF&C stands for bone, flesh & cartilage–so that covers a lot of situations that might have made your back hurt.  A very common cause of back pain is poor kidney function.  This can be anything from an actual kidney stone to kidneys that are plugged up.  Kidneys are, after all, a filter, and their action can be slowed down if they get plugged.  Imagine your kidneys not releasing the toxins as they were designed to do.  This means toxic buildup around the kidneys, which causes inflammation and swelling, which makes for a very sore back, especially the lower back.  The two herbs mentioned above will also benefit your kidneys or see my post on Kidney or Bladder Infection Yucca, grows in many climates from the arid desert to the wet and icy Midwest.  When it gets old enough, it will send up a thick stalk covered with beautiful white flowers.  When it is through flowering, cut the stalks and clean them.  Chop the stem while it’s still green then dry the pieces thoroughly.  You can use the stem for the same properties as you do yucca root; simply make a tea by gently simmering the dried herb for about 5 minutes.  Strain and drink.

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