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plantainBleeding can be reduced or stopped with Goldenseal Root which acts like a hemostat–it stops bleeding.  Excess bleeding can be from a heavy menstrual flow, a bleeding ulcer or any internal bleeding.  If bleeding from a wound, apply pressure.  The old saying is there are only three things that stop bleeding:  pressure, pressure, and pressure.  If you are lucky enough to have plantain in your yard (this is a green plant not the banana-like fruit you occasionally see in the grocery store), collect and dry some leaves.  This plant also acts like a hemostat and can stop bleeding.  If you’re in the yard and injure yourself, crush a handful of plantain and apply with pressure to the wound.  Plantain is a common “weed” and comes in many sizes and shapes.  Let a few grow in case you need them.  Oh, and by the way, it produces the seed called psyllium, one of the most common fibers on the market today.  A great plant to have around and the dried leaves make a very effective tea.

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