Blood Circulation – Poor

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rebounderPoor blood circulation can be caused by inactivity, heart weakness, diabetes and many other causes.  If your circulation is poor, you probably have cold feet and hands, you may even have numbness, especially in your feet.  Your feet, under normal conditions are your lowest point of circulation; they are farthest from your heart and it’s all uphill to return the blood to your heart.  Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in the veins of the leg caused by poor circulation.  This can occur after surgery when you are heavily sedated for a long time or by flying on a long trip whereby you are in your seat for hours.  If you are under surgical care, you will probably be given a blood thinner to prevent thrombosis.  Otherwise, plan ahead for your trip by using one of the herbs that is noted for improving blood circulation.   Cayenne pepper capsule (taken with food), will keep you warm all the way to your toes, even outside in winter.  If you don’t tolerate the hot stuff, ginger capsule will do the same in a gentler manner.  There are other things you can do, too.  A few minutes on a trampoline or rebounder pumps blood and lymph, or rest your feet on a vibrating massager.  You can feel your circulation pick up as your toes “twinkle” and your legs tingle.  Some friends gave me this vibrator some years ago and I love it.  I noticed in the reviews that people complained it didn’t vibrate very much.  Well, it doesn’t on low speed but it has 2 speeds, which wasn’t apparent to me when I first got it.

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