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bursitisThe bursa is a sac-like membrane in every joint that lubricates the joint.  When it gets inflamed you have bursitis.  The most common places for bursitis are shoulder, elbow (tennis elbow, anyone?), and hip.  With bursitis, there is no comfortable position to be in; it hurts no matter how you sit, stand, or lay.  With that nagging pain in your life, it’s no wonder you head straight for the doctor for some relief.  There are things you can do also that won’t interfere with any medical treatment.

You can apply a topical pain patch to the area.  These contain menthol and camphor.  Devil’s Claw Tuber can be taken internally as an anti-inflammatory aid.  Sarsaparilla Capsule acts like a natural cortisone to help ease inflammation, too.  I’ve had bursitis several times in my life caused by trauma.  The trauma doesn’t have to be dramatic, either, because twice it happened when I was sleeping;  when I awoke,  it was hurting.  I think sleeping hard in one place too long was one cause, and the other was being jostled while I was deep asleep and totally relaxed.

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