Canker Sores

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daily oneCanker sores are shallow, painful ulcers found in the mouth.  I’ve had them once on the inside of my cheek and they were so painful, I couldn’t eat.  I had to convert all my food to liquid and swallow my meal, bypassing the sores.  I don’t know why I got them but this was a time when I was dealing with infected teeth.  Thankfully, I’ve only experienced that one time but many people have recurring sores.   Current studies link canker sores to stress (which would suppress the immune), food sensitivities (especially milk products and gluten), vitamin mineral deficiency, and trauma.  All of these could have been involved in my case except the food sensitivity; I don’t do milk products and I am the one blood type that can tolerate gluten.  I was, however, taking a prescription antibiotic for my teeth, and I was not doing well with it.  This may have been my sensitivity.

If you have recurrent canker sores, try these natural remedies.  A multi-vitamin mineral (with iron).  Many multi-vitamins do not have iron and this is a targeted mineral for canker sores.  Eliminate milk products and gluten from your diet.  We’ve also found another thing that helps.  Empty a probiotic capsule direct into your mouth then use your tongue to spread it over the sores.  This seems to bring very quick relief and prompt remission according to our customers.

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