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vinyl gloves I’ve had a lot of experience with chiggers picking wild blackberries.  If you’ve never experienced a chigger, it’s a tiny red spider mite that burrows into your skin; from there it starts itching and you start scratching.  The bites always end up in places you can’t scratch in public, making them doubly annoying.   When I planted blackberries in my garden, I assumed that was the end of chiggers since I thought they  were only on wild blackberries.    I found out how wrong I was the first year I picked my nice, tame blackberries.   I decided prevention was the best course.  A chigger—which is a small, red spider mite—only shows up when the blackberries are ripe and are on the ripe berry.  I decided to wear vinyl gloves when picking (in case you’re allergic to latex), dispose of the gloves immediately after, and to take a shower and change clothes just to be sure.  This worked and I’ve never had a chigger bite since.  I’ve also done an abbreviated version of this by disposing of the gloves and changing clothes.  That works, too.

Mickey Thienes

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