Cholesterol – High

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cholesterolHigh cholesterol is a dangerous situation.  It can build up inside arteries and veins reducing the blood supply to such important parts as your brain; it can so narrow a vein that it creates a blood clot which can end up in your heart (heart attack) or brain (stroke).  Alfalfa caps will reduce blood cholesterol and help to remove cholesterol buildup on arterial walls. Garlic caps help to reduce blood cholesterol levels, too.  If you are under stress, a good stress formula will help reduce your stress level.  When you are stressed, your body produces cholesterol as a defense mechanism.  High fiber in your diet really does help to reduce cholesterol.  Your body produces some cholesterol and some is added to your diet through food, especially animal products such as meat and milk products.  Adequate fiber in your diet helps to rid your body of excess cholesterol.  Without fiber, the cholesterol is reabsorbed—thus raising your total cholesterol.  You can supplement your fiber with Psyllium capsules.  But look to your food for fiber, too.  Brown rice, lentils, beans, vegetables and fruits are all sources of fiber.  Eat an apple instead of drinking apple juice.  An apple a day is still sound advice.

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