CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

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claCLA is a nutrient that is no longer in our food chain because of the way we raise animals for food nowadays.   Cows, for example, are no longer raised on grass and grass is the source of nutrients that made the beef high in CLA.  (Cows are kept on feed lots and fed grain to fatten them.  Why?  The farmer or feed lot can fatten the cows quicker and turn a quicker profit.  Another example that shows we are paying for weight, not nutrition).  CLA has one goal in life.  It will take fat from around your belly and convert it to muscle.  We tested it in our store and we have hundreds of customers who say, “It works!”  Without the nutrition of CLA you will store fat around your middle.  So if you’re a little bigger there than you want to be, give it a try.

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