Cold Sores

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lysine stick Most of us (90% of the worldwide population) carry the Herpes virus that causes cold sores.  As we age and our natural immunity lowers, we may come under attack from this virus.  Cold sores are caused by the virus that lays dormant in nerves around the mouth; the little painful blisters that erupt as a cold sore are usually preceded by tingling and slight swelling.  The key to an attack of cold sores seems to be lowered immunity.  The key, then, to preventing such an attack is to maintain a strong immune defense.

Strengthening your immunity in a natural way involves some lifetime changes.  For now let’s look at immune boosters to deal with the painful problem at hand.  Astragalus Root is an herb that boosts immunity.   The amino acid L-Lysine helps reduce the severity and length of time the cold sores are active and is an immune booster.  We also suggest a lysine based lip balm for direct application to the cold sore.

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