Gripe Water

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gripe waterAn old fashioned European remedy for colic in babies was called Gripe Water (also available in this country).  It consists of a tea made from ginger root, fennel seed, and chamomile flowers.  The tea is given in very small amounts of ½ tsp. at a time.  It is believed that the colic may be caused by spasms in the colon and the object of the teas is to relieve those spasms.  A warm towel on the baby’s belly may also give relief as will very gentle massage on the belly in a downward motion, much as a mother cat licks its kittens belly to stimulate the colon.  Our babies have us trained to feed them when they cry—this is how they tell us they’re hungry.  In the case of colic, and if spasms are the cause of colic, feeding would increase the problem.  So if you suspect colic (or gas), try dill seed tea or Gripe Water.  A mild dill seed tea can help relieve colic in infants.  Dill seed can be found in most grocery stores in the spice section.

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