Colloidal Silver

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silverIf you’re not familiar with the multiple uses of colloidal silver let me tell you about its wonderful properties.  Bacteria can’t survive with silver around.  For that matter, neither can viruses and other microbes.  That’s why silver is used as dental fillings, in olden times, the rich ate off silver dishes to avoid food poisoning, and you still see silver coins in water fountains to keep the water clear and pure.  Silver does it all and is so versatile it should be in your first aid kit.  Spray it on burns or itchy skin eruptions, it takes the heat and itch out; take a tsp. a day when ill or to prevent illness during flu season; a drop in the eye will stop an eye infection and if you have eyeritis, a daily drop will prevent infection; spray it on the back of your throat at the first sign of a sore throat to prevent it going into strep throat.  On top of all this, it is safe for all ages.

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