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CoQ10Co-enzyme Q10 — COQ10 — is an enzyme that puts oxygen into your muscles.  One of your most important muscles is your heart; COQ10 oxygenates your heart.  It is so dramatic, that people, especially women who wear makeup, notice the difference in their skin tone in just a few days.  Women have to change their makeup color because their skin is “rosier” and healthier looking.  More oxygen in the blood means rosier skin.  COQ10 is also an antioxidant and is beneficial for wasting diseases such as cancer and diabetes; it is effective for all kinds of heart problems from high blood pressure to congestive heart failure which can result from an enlarged heart.  It is even effective for gum disease.  Your body manufactures COQ10 but as you age or as your body’s demands increase (such as with diabetes), you can become deficient in this powerful enzyme.  More oxygen in the blood equals more energy for your body; this is an energizer.   The product we recommend is from TwinLab.  This is an expensive product and there are cheaper brands available but 20 years of testing this against other brands that came along tell us that TwinLab is still the best; it gets results.  Some research indicates that the liquid form of COQ10 is more easily absorbed.

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