Calcium from Coral

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coral calciumCoral Complex calcium is my favorite type calcium.  I am a big fan of any nutrient with lots of minerals and coral calcium has 70 trace minerals.  Calcium (and other nutrients) are important for maintaining strong bones and preventing osteoporosis as I explain below.  There are different kinds of calcium, different rates of absorption, and different amounts of bio-available calcium in each type.  Bio-availability means the amount of a product your body actually can absorb.  With some types calcium, as little as 40% is absorbed (is bio-available).  The nutrients we get from plants and animals is easily absorbed and coral calcium comes from the living coral that has since died and I feel it has high bio-availability.  We tested many different types calcium in the store and over the  years, Coral Complex is the #1 choice.

One thing experts agree upon when it comes to calcium absorption is that it is better absorbed when taken with food.  Your digestive process is well started and, besides, when you eat, your body immediately works to alkalize the effect of your food.  It will borrow free calcium circulating in your blood or if not adequate, take it from your bones. This is how it alkalizes the food.

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