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water For menstrual cramps, Feverfew, or Ginger capsules will help reduce or stop cramping.  These herbs relax the long smooth muscles that are cramping.   A warm towel or heating pad will also help to reduce cramping.  If cramping is frequent, you may be producing too much estrogen.  This would cause heavy bleeding and severe cramping and could lead to endometriosis.  Hormone balancing herbs for you would be Kelp capsules (to feed your thyroid gland) and Dong Quai Root capsules to help balance estrogen production.  Remember, too, that you are getting estrogen from your food.  It shouldn’t be there, but it is.  A common steroid fed to beef cattle (so they put on weight rapidly) and dairy cattle (so they produce more milk) converts to estrogen in our bodies.  You can control getting this estrogen by not using milk products and by buying organic or free range meat.

Stomach cramps can be stopped with Ginger capsules.  If you’re cramping so bad you can’t swallow a capsule, open the capsule and put a little ginger on your tongue.  The cramps may stop in seconds.

I accidentally discovered why I was having such severe leg cramps.  I wasn’t drinking enough water throughout the day.  I drank lots of water at night, but tea was my choice during the day.  When I started drinking water throughout the day, the cramps went away.  I’ve suggested this to many customers—more drinking water—and have found it to be the solution about 95% of the time.  I know lack of some minerals can cause cramping—but so can dehydration because the minerals in your body can’t get to your body’s cells.  Try water first.

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