Detox Foot Pads

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Detox foot pads work.  You apply them to the bottom of your feet, wear them while you sleep, and take them off in the morning.  The formerly white pads will be gray to black, almost oily looking from pulling toxins from your feet.  Toxins accumulate in your feet since that is your lowest point of circulation.  It makes sense to give attention to this important detox; we’ve had customers tell us that their knee pain left when they used these pads. A saltwater foot soak (20 minutes) also helps detox your feet.  You know how salt draws things out (remember salting the cucumbers?).  It does the same for your feet.  Make it a strong salt solution.  When I do the salt water foot soak on my feet, the detox foot pads come off gray.  When I don’t do the foot soak, the pads come of black.  Foot soaks do work; the detox foot pads are better.

Mickey Thienes

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