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chamomile tea Small sacs from the colon can be pushed through the lining that holds the colon in place.  Food can deposit in these sacs, especially small hard pieces of food such as seeds, nuts or even corn and it is not flushed out by the regular action of the colon. The food becomes rotten and sets up an infection that can cause bloating and intense pain. To allow this to occur over and over can lead to serious, life threatening infections.   To prevent the diverticula from forming, MSM can be taken on a regular basis.  MSM is a soluble form of sulfur which is deficient in our food supply and is a nutrient that strengthens connective tissue in our body.  If the connective tissue holding the colon in place is strong, the diverticula cannot form.  Prevention also includes a diet high in fiber–before the diverticula form.  If it’s too late, use a soft fiber such as fruit.  Applesauce, melons, and pears are an example.  Avoid the fruit with small seeds such as berries.  You can also take Fenugreek capsules which form a soft, moist bulky fiber that is gentle on your colon.   If you are having an attack (diverticulitis), Chamomile tea can be very soothing.

Chamomile Tea, 30 Tea Bags
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