Eczema – Psoriasis

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pine tarECZEMA and PSORIASIS:   There’s a lot we don’t know about eczema and psoriasis.  There are lots of theories out there about the cause, but no firm  proof.  So, maybe there are a whole bunch of causes that can create these conditions.  Generally, eczema is considered a topical condition or a dermatitis (that just means irritated skin).  Psoriasis is linked to a possible autoimmune disorder; but no one’s sure.  It’s hard to take care of a  problem like this if you don’t know what has caused it.  But, here goes.  Over the years we’ve had many customers with both conditions.  What has helped most of them (from a little to a lot) has been two things.  Turmeric has been one of them.  This super antioxidant is both fat and water soluble and works everywhere in your body cleaning up oxidized trash.  The other has been a parasite cleanse, Theraclear.  We all carry a few parasites and they can get out of hand and overload our bodies with toxins.

There are 3 soaps that are soothing for many skin conditions; one of them may be right for you.  Lye Soap has been used for centuries for various skin conditions including psoriasis.  Silver Soap has great antibacterial properties and would be beneficial if you skin has open sores from scratching.  Thylox Soap is a sulfur based soap and has also been used for many different skin conditions including acne.  For those of you with psoriasis in your hair, there is the old fashioned pine tar soap.  This is very strong so use just a little when you shampoo.

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