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slippery elm lozengesIn emphysema, the moist sac-like membranes of the lungs become hard and are no longer functioning, thus your ability to take in oxygen and expel toxic air is impaired.  The lungs can easily become congested.  To restore moisture to your lungs,  Lycopene works quickly and effectively.  Lycopene is a tomato extract and if you have a problem with tomatoes, you may not be able to tolerate this supplement.  The herb Slippery Elm capsules will help to restore moisture to your lungs.  You can use both products together.  To help expel congestion, an Herbal Expectorant or Burdock Root works quickly to loosen and expel congestion.  These are great decongestants and again you can use both together.  It is always important—especially with a chronic condition—to cleanse on a regular basis and Burdock Root is a natural blood cleanser, too.    Remember, moisturize the lung tissue, expel congestion, and fight off infection.  Echinacea root works well for many people as a natural infection fighter.

Slippery elm also comes in the form of a lozenge:

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