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kelpENDOMETRIOSIS:  Endometriosis is usually the result of too much estrogen production.  The clues you’ll have before you get to endometriosis are heavy, cramping menstrual periods.  Once endometriosis occurs, you may have pelvic pain at other times, not just during your menstrual cycle.  Actually, excess estrogen is a common problem today because dairy cows and food animals such a steers (beef) and chickens are fed a steroid to increase milk production or to gain weight rapidly for slaughter.  This steroid doesn’t get eliminated from the milk product or meat; it turns to estrogen in our bodies when we’ve consumed these products.  You don’t have to become a vegetarian to avoid this problem.  Do eliminate milk products.  You’ve been sold a bill of goods that makes you believe you need milk products for calcium.  You don’t.  The only one who needs milk products is that baby calf—for whom it was intended all along.  Try to find organic or free range chicken and beef products.  They are becoming more readily available, especially at larger super markets.  If you don’t have these resources, include more fish in your diet.  The whole point is to quit adding large amounts of estrogen through your diet.  The other thing you can do is to take Kelp caps to feed your thyroid.  An active thyroid will help to control your hormone balance.  You may also want to use Dong Quai capsules or tea; this herb is an estrogen balancer in your body.  Remember, get rid of excess estrogen from your food and balance your hormone production.

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