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herbal expectorantNaturade’s Herbal Expectorant is a product that works quickly.  Its action is to thin mucous congestion so that it can be coughed up.  It literally seems to melt it away.  My introduction to this product was many years ago when I got SARS (sudden acute respiratory syndrome).   SARS is characterized by extreme, rapid, sticky congestion that coats your lungs and bronchial area so that oxygen doesn’t get in.  I liken it to an asthma attack that doesn’t stop.  I didn’t think to use this expectorant right away, but after a few days I did remember and thought it would be a good test to try it.  I took the expectorant and in just a few minutes I could breathe more deeply.  I’ve recommended it ever since for any kind of congestion from colds and flu and allergy to asthma.

Mickey Thienes

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