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eyebright2Every time I use my home made herbal eye drops I think what a wonderful remedy this is and why can’t we get people to use it.  Well, I know why.  I’m like you.  It’s easier to buy some drops than make your own.  In my case that’s no excuse.  I have the formula made up and in the freezer, waiting until I need it.  I still grab the commercially prepared drops and use that, until I get desperate; which is what happened this past week.

My left eye was red and irritated and had some sort of infection.  I put silver in the eye and other drops and it would feel good for an hour or so then start hurting again.  This went on for about 4 days.  Then I got my eye drops out of the freezer and let them thaw for a little while until there was some liquid in the small jar.  I dipped my fingers in the liquid and applied it to my eye getting enough so that a little went into the eye.  Oh my!  Within seconds my eye quit hurting; within an hour the redness was gone.  This was several days ago and the infection has not come back.  This isn’t an isolated event.  Every time I use the drops the benefits are quick and long lasting.

I’m making myself put this formula out there, not because I don’t want to share it; I do.  But because you won’t want to do it.  All I can do is encourage you to try it for any eye condition such as conjunctivitis, stye, clogged tear ducts, red eyes, sunburned eyes, cataracts, Iritis and any other eye condition you can think of.

Eye Drops:  1 cup eyebright herb + 1/2 cup fennel seed + 1/4 cup parsley leaf.  Mix and store in an airtight jar.  Don’t forget to label it.  To make tea, pour 1/2 cup boiling water over 2 heaping TBL. herb mix.  Cover and let steep until room temperature. Strain into a small jar and store in freezer until ready to use.  To use, set jar on counter until a small amount has thawed (you don’t have to thaw the whole jar), or set jar in a bowl of hot tap water for a quicker thaw.  To use, apply with fingers to eye, use a cotton ball, or a dropper into the eye.  Parsley and fennel seed will be available at your grocery in the spice section.  Check here for eyebright herb.

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