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urine bookEYES:  Cataracts are a result of aging.  The lens over the eyes gradually becomes opaque.  Cataracts can become so bad that you can barely see, especially at night when light is low.  If it gets so bad that you cannot see, you have to have surgery.  Or do you?  If you nourish the eyes, cataracts don’t happen.  What will nourish your eyes?  Bilberry, Eyebright and Ginkgo will all provide nourishment for the eyes.  From my own experience, I’ve also found that blackberries, raspberries and blueberries give my eyesight a tremendous boost.  The summer of 2004 was a real blackberry summer.  It was cool and moist and my blackberry bushes produced delicious berries for months.  I noticed the first week of eating blackberries every day that my night vision had improved dramatically.  At night, headlights used to appear with a halo around them, making them blinding to me.  One week of blackberries and the halos disappeared.  Needless to say, I’m still eating blackberries and have added other red and purple berries to the mix.

Blurred vision may be another problem you face.  There can be a number of causes of blurred vision but try the nutritional suggestions we’ve made above.  Your eyesight is precious so don’t hesitate to consult your doctor if your problem doesn’t improve. A high powered nutrient for eyesight, one that may even help prevent macular degeneration, is TwinLabs Lutein.  Lutein is a powerful carotenoid that strengthens the eyes.

I thought you would like to know about another natural cure for cataracts and eye problems.  It is your own perfect medicine, urine.  Collect some urine and allow it to air to release any ammonia.  Dilute with distilled water and use as eye drops for your eyes.  I know this is an idea you are not used to but urine is used to treat a lot of ailments including injuries such as sprains and wounds, and it was made perfectly adaptable to your body’s needs by you.  Think of it as a custom designed treatment.

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