Fenugreek Seed

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fenugreekFenugreek Seed is a useful healer for mucous membranes, the soft tissues inside your body such as mouth, throat, lungs and colon. Fenugreek soothes inflammation and acts as a mild expectorant, aiding in the cleansing and healing of inflamed membranes. It is high in fiber which makes it a good colon cleanse and stimulant. Fiber also helps to reduce cholesterol. Lung congestion and bronchitis will both be helped by Fenugreek.   Fenugreek is an annual plant with a distinctive square seed.  Both the seed and the leaves of the plant are used as food.  Fenugreek has a distinctive maple like flavor and is used in some cases to flavor syrups used for pancakes.  The seed also makes a delicious sprout.

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