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fruits vegetablesWhy do we need fiber?  It mops up cholesterol in your colon and passes it out of your body.  It keeps your colon swept out of debris.  It absorbs moisture making those bowel movements a lot easier and helps to prevent constipation.  One of the biggest problems with today’s diets and the resulting illnesses is lack of fiber.  I’m not pointing a finger just at you—I’m pointing one at me, too.  I’ve always been extremely careful about what I eat and the quality of the food I eat.  Yet it doesn’t take that much food to sustain me and I don’t get enough fiber.  I’ve always used whole grain breads (I’m the blood type that needs them) and I’ve tried to add other good fiber habits to my diet.  I eat lots of fruit, as much organic as I can grow or buy.  I’ve developed several muffin recipes that incorporate ground flax seed, oat bran, and lots of dried fruits and nuts.  I’ll usually eat one of these muffins with breakfast everyday.  When all this fails, such as when I’m traveling, I take Psyllium Seed capsules—with lots of water.

It’s easy to add fiber to your diet when all you have to do is swallow a few capsules.  In the meantime, here’s the muffin recipe.

Click here for the high fiber muffin recipe

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