Five Flower Essence by FES

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Five Flower Essence is a “Rescue Remedy” by FES (Flower Essence Services).  Flower essences are almost magical in their ability to quickly produce results.  Five Flower Essence is for stress and tension.  A drop or two on the tongue and in seconds you can feel the tension dissolve.  We always kept a bottle handy in the store so people could sample it.  I would put a drop on someone’s tongue and watch their face.  In seconds you could see the tension lines disappear and a big smile would show up.  One time, a lady said “Am I supposed to feel like dancing?” after getting her drop.  This is a great, natural relaxer to be used also when you know you’re going to be in a stressful situation.  Use it before you go there and feel your apprehension melt.  Don’t forget your pets; they can be stressed too.  There’s a special formula for them. These essences are based on the pioneering work by Bach.

The Bach Flower Remedies
List Price: $14.00
Price: $8.40
You Save: $5.60
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