Fo-Ti Root

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fo ti rootFo-Ti Root appears to lower cholesterol and prevent cholesterol from clinging to artery walls.  This is the traditional Chinese use of this herb.  We started taking this herb to see for ourselves what benefits we might derive from it.  We (3 women) all agreed on the results after a few weeks.  This herb makes your hair and nails grow faster and tightens your skin, especially noticeable in your face.  Two of us have short hair so the rapid hair growth was especially noticeable.  So the benefits you may not notice until you get your cholesterol checked are accompanied by benefits you will notice; firmer skin. This is a very aggressive vine but it is only the root that is used.  In Chinese, the name Hu shou wu (Fo-ti) is a reference to a legendary old man, Hu, who reportedly regained his vitality and strength after living on the herb in the wilderness. Loosely translated, the phrase means “Hu’s black hair,” which describes the man’s reverse aging most noticeably renewed vigor and hair that turned from gray to black.

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