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fruits-vegFOOD:  This is the real key to your health.  Food supplies protein for cell building and regeneration, vitamins and minerals for various body and brain functions, carbohydrates for the basic fuel—sugar—everything you need to be healthy, happy and energetic.  We eat a lot of devitalized food.  About like putting gas that’s been watered down into your car.  It runs rough.  You immediately correct the situation with your car but you don’t see the same connection with your body.  Your body is remarkable—better than any car ever manufactured—but it can’t run forever on the fuel you are using.  It will break down.  Herbs and other gentle remedies will help to heal the breakdown but the real success story will be when you change the way you eat.

How do you change?  The bookEat Right 4 Your Type is a good guideline on what food is good for you.  It is based on your blood type, O, A, B, or AB.  Prepare more of your foods fresh.  If someone has manufactured it for you, it has had vital nutrients processed to extinction.  You cannot mass manufacture food gently.  Start simply if you like.  Add a fresh salad at dinner.  OK, you can get your lettuce from a bag of salad greens.  But next year, grow your own lettuces.  Add fresh fruit to your breakfast meal.  I know that means giving up your donut and coffee but two scrambled eggs and a fresh pear really are better than fat and sugar.  Fresh carrots are plentiful.  Add freshly cooked carrots to a dinner meal.  They’re easy.  Just peel, cut and put in a small pan.  Add a little water and a lid and cook for about 10 minutes.  Presto!  You’ve made something from scratch.  A cookbook is really useful, too.  But try to borrow your Grandma’s cookbook.  Many of the family cookbooks on the market today actually teach you how to cook with instant pudding and canned mushroom soup.  Remember, that’s what you’re trying to avoid.  Don’t forget seasoning herbs.  We talk about the healing properties of herbs, but many flavoring herbs are also healing.  Spice can be the variety of your life.  I like to put just a dusting of cinnamon on freshly cooked beets.  They’re wonderful and cinnamon helps to control blood sugar.  See what I mean?

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