Gallbladder Problems

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liver-gallbladderGALLBLADDER:  Your gallbladder snuggles up to your liver and puts bile into your digestive tract when you eat.  The bile is necessary to digest fats in your foods.  That’s why when your gallbladder isn’t working you can get really bad indigestion and severe colon pain.  Eating a high fat diet can bring on an attack.   Stones, usually made from cholesterol, can block the bile ducts (passages) preventing this digestive juice from helping you.  A blocked gallbladder can become infected, compounding your misery.  Along with the steps recommended below for “cleaning” your gallbladder, do have your cholesterol checked and take appropriate action if it is high.  See our heading under “Cholesterol.

Stones:  To dissolve gallstones, try Yucca or Devil’s Claw Tuber caps.  To prevent stones, take Dandelion caps to stimulate the production of bile.

Another way to flush your gallbladder is to take a spoon of olive oil, a few drops lemon juice and a little salt (all mixed in the spoon) and drink this several times a week.  This is a mild flush that stimulates the production of bile and can flush some stones.  If your gallbladder is severely blocked, this may bring on an attack, so use this as a preventative.

If your gallbladder isn’t working or if you’ve had it removed you may need a digestive enzyme to help break down your food.

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