Genital Herpes

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dairyThis information is from the experiences shared by our customers about what worked for them when they experienced an outbreak from the herpes virus.  At the first sign of an outbreak, usually tingling or pain, take Cayenne caps, if you can tolerate it.  If taken early enough, it may stop an outbreak and does stop the pain.

Also, avoid all dairy products, which seem to aggravate an outbreak.  If sores appear, use Burdock Root and/or Red Clover caps to help cleanse the blood of toxins.   Many customers have reported that stress will bring on an attack.  If you know you are going to be in an unusually stressful situation, take our Stress B Formula with Siberian Ginseng and follow the steps above.

Genital herpes is an extremely personal and embarrassing condition and we are thankful to those who have confided in us and given us feedback on the suggestions made.

Avoid milk products during an outbreak:

milk products

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