Ginger Root

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ginger rootGinger Root is very popular because it can help eliminate motion sickness and the nausea associated with chemotherapy. If you are too sick to swallow a capsule, open the capsule and put a little bit of the ground ginger on your tongue. This is all it takes to control the nausea. It is safe for pregnant women to use for morning sickness and safe for children.  This remarkable herb is an immune stimulant with anti-viral properties. It helps reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and prevents internal blood clots. It is a digestive aid and relieves PMS type cramps. Ginger is warming and if you find you need a circulation boost, and cayenne is too hot for you, ginger will do it for you. I like to study the food habits of healthy cultures – food is where real health starts. It was interesting to me that in studying Chinese use of medicinal herbs, ginger was not overly stressed. However, when I examined my 1,000 recipe Chinese cookbook, ginger was an ingredient in all 1,000 recipes. This is a wonderful herb whether you take it in capsule form, as a tea, or in the foods you eat.

Ginger is the best remedy for upset stomach and nausea.   If you’re like me, you also like to be able to have ginger on hand.  It is one of the “sweet” spices you may already have in your cupboard.  If you are feeling nauseous, put a small amount of ground ginger on your tongue (1/8 of a tsp.) and suck on it.  Ginger is actually quite hot so a small amount is all you want at a time.  If you like to use fresh ginger–and you know it doesn’t keep forever–put some in the freezer.  When you need it, take it out of the freezer and grate a small amount into a cup.  Add warm to hot water and sip slowly until nausea passes.   Want to grow your own?  Take young, plump ginger root and put in a pot, about half buried in soil.  Ginger is a tropical plant so unless you live in the tropics, you’ll have to bring it in for the winter.  Crystallized ginger (candy) is easy to make.  It is young, plump ginger that is peeled, sliced thinly and cooked in sugar syrup.  Then dried and rolled in sugar.  It is perfectly preserved this way and makes a great “candy.”  Not through yet.  There’s ginger marmalade.  I’ve made this by using apple juice as the base and adding peeled and finely chopped ginger (follow directions on Sur Jel package for apple jelly).

You can also buy crystallized ginger candy and ginger marmalade.  Did you ever put frosting on graham crackers and put two together for instant cookies.  Try it with ginger marmalade.  Delicious.

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